ICOM National Committee in Georgia

ICOM National Committee in Georgia (ICOM Georgia)
ICOM National Committee in Georgia, as well as other National Committees is the main tool of communication between the General Secretariat and the ICOM members. The 119 National Committees ensure the interests of the organisation are managed in their respective countries. The National Committees represent their members within ICOM and they contribute to the implementation of the organisation’s programmes.http://icom.museum/the-committees/national-committees/

Date of establishment - 2007
President - Inga (Klara) Karaia, Secretary - Maka Kvaratskhelia

Board members: Inga (Klara) Karaia, Mariam Burchuladze, Manana Tevzadze, Maka Kvaratskhelia, Irine Koshoridze, Giorgi Kalandia, Levan Mosakhlishvili, Kakha trapaidze, Lana Karaia, Salome Tsiskarishvili, Mikheil Tsereteli. 

• Support of development of Museum field and protection Cultural Heritage in Georgia
• Support and promote the aims and objectives of ICOM among professional museum workers and museums in Georgia;
• Collaboration with UNESCO, ICOM and ICOM other National and International Scientific Committees;
• Support to develop museum management in Georgia for advocating the professionals’ interests and for raising of qualification;
• Organizing the international and local training programs, seminars, conferences, publication of methodology literature;
• Collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental structures in developing an protecting of cultural heritage field;
• Spreading information within local and international museum community about the ongoing processes in museum field.


Phone: +995 77 725 450, +995 93 165 256
E_mail: ingakaraia@gmail.com  mburchuladze@yahoo.com


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