This is an Award focused on contemporary European history and its scientific, industrial and social heritage. You may apply if you are a museum of 20th-century history (social, political, military), a museum of science, technology or industry, a science centre, an ecomuseum or an interpretation centre on these subjects.

    Apply right now, don’t miss the chance to profit from the visibility and networking opportunities offered to your museum by taking part in the scheme. Hundreds of museums have already done so in the 20 years of activity of the Micheletti Award.  
    Candidates also have the opportunity of running for the DASA Award, which focuses on themes of the world of work, past, present and future, with special attention given to man with his concerns, needs and abilities.
    Application form

    The completed application should be accompanied by an entry fee of
    200 € (two hundred Euros), paid by bank transfer. Transfer charges must be paid by the applicant.  Please make sure that your payment can be identified and include a copy of the transfer instructions with your application.
    Bank: ING Bank
    Account name: European Museum Academy
    IBAN: NL36INGB0004682823

    The completed application form to be accompanied by two copies of a CD which should include:
    • Two typewritten pages (Word format) in English describing the museum, its organisational structure, its method of financing and the European relevance or innovative aspects and/or of the museum’s treatment of the industrial, technical or scientific heritage, or of 20th century military, political and social history.
    • Up to 20 digital images, 300 dpi in JPEG format, with one exterior, general views of the exhibitions and pictures which illustrate your strong candidature for the Award, pictures must be free of copyright and accompanied by a declaration which enables EMA to use them for non-commercial purposes in its printed materials, on the Internet as well as in training programmes.
    • Scanned copies of a brochure, leaflet or other publicity material you wish to include (please do not send paper copies!).
    • A copy of the bank transfer instructions.
    Note: it is not possible to return disks after the judging has taken place

    The closing date for applications is 15 September 2015.  It would be very helpful if you could notify us of your intention to apply before despatching your material.
    Completed forms and supplementary material should be sent to Ann Nicholls, EMA Co-ordinator, 17 Woolcot Street, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6QH, UK.

    EMA is a non-profit Foundation established to reflect museums at the international level, to promote research on museography and museology as a high cultural activity, to provide constructive criticism and promote discussion on new exhibitions and museums, and to diffuse museological knowledge and ideas among members of the profession. It aims to promote the conception and development of new as well as of traditional museums as tools of social change. The Micheletti Award is organised to illustrate best museum practice, in co-operation with the Micheletti Foundation, Thirty-one countries are currently represented within the EMA organisation.

    THE LUIGI MICHELETTI FOUNDATION (Fondazione Biblioteca Archivio Luigi Micheletti) LMF (established in 1981 in Brescia) is a research centre specialising in 20th-century history.  Scientific research covers ideologies of the 20th century, wars, the ambivalence of technical progress, industrialization and labour, conspicuous consumption, the origin of environmentalism.  The ideological, social and material contemporary history, led by international researches and conferences, is linked to a rich collection: writings, postcards, photos, posters, videos, audio documents, but also objects, furniture and machines.  It is in this context that the musil – Museum of Industry and Labour – was created, in order to focus on the recovery of productive plants and whole urban areas.
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