• Seminar - Conservation od Hagia Sophia

  • From 27 to 29 October the seminar "Conservation of Hagia Sophia" was held in National Parliamentary of Georgia, Tbilisi.
    The seminar was led by professor Zeynep Ahunbay, senior restorer of Hagia Sophia. The themes covered by seminar were the followings: History of Hagia Sophia, characteristics of architecture and structure, restoration works from 19th century and ongoing conservation works in Hagia Sophia. 
    The seminar was attended by specialist and experts of cultural heritage, restores and historians. They had possibility to share their experience to each other, analyze the expertise and develop intercultural dialogue what will contribute the preservation and development of cultural heritage in both countries.
    The materials of seminar is planned to publish in Georgian, English and Turkish languages. 

    The seminar was organized by the center of Cultural Heritage Preservation and Popularization. Partners were: TIKA-Turkish coordination and collaboration center, Ministry of Diaspora issues of Georgia, ICOM National Committee in Georgia, Alliance Holding group and Ardi group. 

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