• 4th International Conference for PhD Students and Recent PhD Graduates ”Art and Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Identity and Cultural Diversity”

  • Tbilisi, 28th – 30th September 2017
    The fourth international conference for PhD students and recent PhD graduates will take place in Tbilisi, 28-30 September 2017. The event will focus on cross-cultural dialogue, identity and cultural diversity in culture and art. The topic itself has been a part of our cultural identity, but has not been thoroughly researched due of its complexity .
    From antiquity to the present, the history, culture and art of different countries and nations maintains the memory of relations and exchanges of ideas. The reasons for and forms of their relations were different. Whether a peaceful connection, or in some cases invasion and conflict, their coexistence was reflected in different fields of social life, culture and art. In this controversial process, politics, society and people played special roles.
    The crossroads as a meeting point of many different states, people, religions and cultures was a very vibrant “place” where unique artistic phenomena were created, where the connections reflected societies, cultures, tastes and fashions. In this cultural diversity each element has a special role.
    At our gathering we would like to discuss this topic in a new way from the most interesting and imaginative angles. We invite proposals with new approaches and new perspectives, rethinking old knowledge in relation to cross-cultural relations, cultural diversity and identity.
    The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:
    Crossroads as a meeting point of various cultures
    ● Unexpected encounters: cross-cultural dialogue beyond space and time
    ● Where is the border of identity and cultural diversity?
    ● Geographical, epochal and cultural borders through the centuries: similarities and differences between them. Historical backgrounds, influences and cultural identity
    Art as one of the main expressions of identity
    ● Coexistence and the process of synthesis through the prism of local  cultural traditions
    ● Artists beyond borders
    ● Designed structures in open space as carries of cultural identities
    ● Cross-roads as a melting point of ideas
    Memory and memorials
    ● Memory, local traditions and foreign influences: idea, content and form
    ● Places of shared memory. Sacred space and aspects of cultural and  religious heritage and inter-faith dialogue
    ● The role of historical persons in the formation of the cultural process:  rulers, clerics, missionaries and travellers
    ● Religious diversity and cultural encounters

    What defines identity in the globalisation process?
    ● Rules of attraction: uniting and dividing cultural principles between
     idealization and demonization
    ● Global and local in work of art or at art exhibitions
    ● Lost in translation: the limits of cross-cultural dialogue

    Submission deadline: April 30th, 2017

    REGISTRATION : Registration is free of charge.
    Proposals should include name, contact information (title, address, phone number, e-mail), title of the paper, short CV and an abstract.
    Short CV in English of maximum 200 words. Included the link of the publication.
    Abstracts in English of maximum 400 words.  
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