• Dadiani Palaces History-Architectural Museum Guide

  • Guide include information’s about history of museum (from palaces to museum), information about archaeological collection, collections of Metalwork, ethnographic, manuscripts, textile, fine art, applied art, military equipment, Napoleon Bonaparte Epoch items, photography, prints, epigraphic, etc., visitor information. Publication financed by Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sport of Georgia. Texts: Lili Beraia. Giorgi Kalandia, editor: Inga Karaia, translation into English: Salome Tsiskarishvili, photography: Giorgi Kalandia, Lasha Karaia, design: Lasha Karaia. On the Georgian & English languages. Printed in “CGS” Ltd. Format: A-4, 200 pages, 800 items. ISBN 978-9941-0-1991-3, 2009.

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