• ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums

  • The ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums has been prepared by the International Council of Museums. It is the statement of ethics for museums referred to in the ICOM Statutes. The Code reflects principles generally accepted by the international museum community. Membership in ICOM and the payment of the annual subscription to ICOM are an affirmation of the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums.
    The ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums is published in the three official languages  of the organisation: English, French and Spanish. ICOM welcomes the translation of the Code into other languages. However, a translation will be regarded as “official” only if it is endorsed by at least one National Committee of a country in which the language is spoken, normally as the first language. Where the language is spoken in more than one country, it is preferable that the National Committees of these countries also be consulted. Attention is drawn to the need for linguistic as well as professional museum expertise in providing official translations. The language version used for a translation and the names of the National Committees involved should be indicated. These conditions do not restrict translations of the Code, or parts of it, for use in educational work or for study purposes.
    The translation of ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums in Georgian is accepted and proved at the board meeting of ICOM Georgia on 10th of February 2017.

    Translation from French in to Georgian: Nino Kitovani (2005)
    Editor: Inga Karaia (2017) 

    ICOM Code of Ethics in English 
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