• Suffocation Via Butterfly Effect

  • The initiative group “ALGORITHM F5” analytically reinterprets material and non-material past experience and tries to connect it logically with the present. Museum algorithm, as an order of determined activity, introduces multimedia and collaborative project – “Suffocation Via Butterfly Effect” within exhibitional experiment.
    Through observation of time, transformation of human being and constant changes “ALGORITHM F5” researches different descriptors: everyday life, consumer society, urban spaces, nostalgia-diffusion of feelings and contrast ideas connects visual art and events of museum life.
    Losing a feeling of being in present, reflection of disapearence, allusion- transforms unusable space of museum basement into the connection of associative labyrinth, where photo-installation, conceptual narratives, projection of texts, sound, light and site-specific art objects corresponds to destructive feelings of contemporary man. Vague inner feelings materialize by losing balance between reality and fantasy.
    Multimedia art pieces aggravate imaginary, emotional condition - while virtual simulation asks dual questions about the eternal existential problems such as: beauty, desire, intuition, artificiality, seductive power of illusion in brutal reality. 
    With the result of subjective self-expression, publicity of unspeakable, personal and impersonal senses in “suffocated”, unusable museum space leads a visitor to spiral movement. At the same time, accumulated energy behind the structure (space and human imagination) is aimed to provoke dual questions:
    - What is suffocation, emotional state of gasp or simulation? 
    - What is “butterfly effect” in virtual reality? 
    - What is the Vice Versa of Voyeuristic fiction?
    - What is the challenge of changes? 
    - And, what is the next step?- Is choice of man into the process of modeling? 
    Curators of the exhibition, participants and group members:
    Mariam Shergelashvili-Author of conceptual narratives. 
    Konstantine Bolqvadze- Author of photo-series.
    Elisabed Rekhviashvili-Project Coordinator
    Nino Kublashvili-Designer
    Invited artists during the exhibition:
    Merab Gugunashvili
    Gvantsa Jishkariani
    The project is realized within prize fund of joint contest: ”Modeling the Future” organized by The Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and Peter Moennig Foundation.

    Address: State Silk Museum. 6, Tsabadze str. 0112, Tbilisi, Georgia 

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