• Dialogue with emperor Qin - EU and China sculpture show

  • Since 2008 the Tsinandali Museum hosts exhibitions and musical events to fill in the cultural gap between Georgian and European art and culture that has emerged during the Soviet era. The museum has exhibited works of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, as well as of the several generations of Georgian artists, such as Elene Akhvlediani, Alexander Bandzeladze, Karlo Kacharava and others. Exhibition of the works of the European and Chinese sculptors of 21st century will be the next stage, when the Georgian society will have an opportunity to partake the aesthetics of modern sculpture and be the part of the East-West dialogue.
    Emperor Qin’s terracotta army, which protected the eternal sleep of their lord in his tomb, has acquired its new incarnation. In 2011 twenty seven brave soldiers, works by the leading artists from each country of the European Union, have travelled to China but not with a spirit of conquest or threat, but peace and art, dialogue and friendship. Here the 27 european artworks were joined by 3 pieces by the Chinese sculptors.

    The producer of the show is Qu Art, the experts in contemporary and modern sculpture, based in Brussels. Their collection includes works of the leading European sculptors and painters of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    According to the organizers, the exhibition serves to harmonious relations between China and the EU countries. An Army which lives in Museums contributes to building a world of dialogue.

    Silk Road Group is a sponsor of the exhibition providing for its travel from Europe to China and back from China to Europehttp://inspiringculture.bravehost.com/Sponsors.html

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