• "13/13" - the exhibition of Papuna Papaskiri and Nino Kalandia

  • The exhibition presents work of two artists Nino Kalandia and Papuna Papaskiri. Both of them are originally from Sokhumi region. The exhibition theme is the result of their constant thoughts and feelings about Abkhazia. For the first time after 19 years, both of the artists decided to create new works and dedicate their exhibition to the Abkhazian conflict, which lasted for 13 months and 13 days. As the result of the war, thousands of people died and were injured. Exhibition does not intend to present war and peace themes, but instead it tries to convey personal impressions and feelings of joy, pain, loneliness and silence. 
    The exhibition will last on December 10, 2012. 
    Address:  Sioni Str. # 8. Tbilisi History Museum 
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