• International Conference “Cultural Diversity in Museums”

  • International conference “Cultural Diversity in Museums” was held from 7 October to 8 October, 2011 in Tbilisi with participation of leading Museum professionals from European countries (Austria, Germany), Belarus and Caucasus region (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia, Republic of Ingushetia, and Republic of Dagestan).
    Directions of the conference’s work:
    • Cultural Diversity – the rich inheritance of humanity and history and social reality;
    • The dialogue of cultures and civilizations in the context of cultural diversity;
    • The museums as storages of cultural diversity;
    • New challenges for museums in the multicultural context;
    • The museums role in the process of in deepening and popularization the knowledge the Caucasus peoples culture.
    The theme of the scientific conference had analyzed importance of cultural dialogue in the context of cultural diversity, as well as there will be reviewed historical and real aspects of relations and cultural diversity of different ethnic groups, as well as materials about multicultural heritage housed in museums of Caucasus region and Europe presented at the conference and basic tendencies of 21st century museum space – with analyzing of experience from European countries. This all will contribute to deepen intercultural dialogue and to foreordain future collaboration perspectives, to protect unique cultural identity and its further development, popularization and integration in regional and international space.
    The conference had been arranged by ICOM National Committee in Georgia, Tbilisi State Academy of Art and “Fund of Caucasus” in collaboration with Georgian National Museum.


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