• Scientific conference - 21st Century Museums challenges and Millennials

  • The conference is dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of ICOM National Committee in Georgia
    17 May 2017 
    The scientific conference is organized within the museum week 2017 with participation of MA, PhD students and professors. The topic of the conference focuses to analyze the challenges of 21st century museums through the point of Millennium Generation. The conference covers following sub-topics:
    • Challenges of Museum Management in the 21st century museums; 
    • Current approaches of  interpretation in museums;
    • Education and Museum: The main trends of educational activities in museums;
    • New approaches in the management of museum spaces; 
    • Innovative methods of exhibition management in 21st century museums;
    • Accessible museum: social projects - inclusive environment;
    • Fundraising issues in the 21st century museums; 
    • Museum and modern technologies: access to museum collections through virtual projects.
    Organizer: ICOM National Committee in Georgia 
    Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
    Georgian National Museum 
    Venue: Georgian National Museum Auditorium (1, Purtseladze st. Tbilisi) 
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