• International scientific Conference “Problems and development perspectives of Post-Soviet countries museums”

  • Conference organizer: 
    ICOM National Committee in Georgia
    Georgian Museum Association
    Georgian National Museum
    The international scientific conference project was made possible by Financial Support of Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation (Conference Grants competition 2015). 
    After the collapse of Soviet Union significant and radical changes were made in the whole Post-Soviet space, what mainly was faced on the transformation into the independent countries status and into the market economy development.
    All the radical changes connected to this or that sphere, was critically expressed in the Cultural heritage and especially in the Museum field development. 
    Development of museum field in some countries of East Europe was transformed on to the new stages and was equalized to the modern international standards, but the rest East European countries and Soviet Union countries museums have still various types of actual problems. The spectrum of problems is quite big and covers many critical issues – those aren’t still relevantly studied and analyzed. 
    Considering the above-mentioned consequences ICOM Georgia has developed the project – to organize an International Scientific conference for the essential topic - Problems and development perspective of Post-Soviet countries museums - and the thematic/courses of past and today's challenges will be: 
    • Current situation and problems in Post-soviet countries museums; Reasons and solving ways
    • Best practice / Cases from East European countries museums in terms of museum reform
    • Development perspective and analysis - Post-Soviet countries museums
    • Challenges of 21st century museums; Dialogue of cultures in the context of museum collections 
    • The role of international museum institutions and networks in the process of knowledge sharing and popularization of world culture
    The conference will be held from 7th to 10th November with participation of invited speakers - leading museum professionals from former Soviet countries republics and from countries of East Europe.
    Conference venue: 
    Auditorium of Georgian National Museum. 1, Purtseladze st. 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia
    Contact information: 
    Tel: +995 593 478 164
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