• ICOM/ICLM International Conference "Literature, Music and Cultural heritage"

  • 25-29 September, 2015

    Conference organizers: 
    ICOM/ICLM (International Committee for Literary Museums)
    ICOM National Committee in Georgia
    Conference co-orgnizer and partner: 
    State Museum of Georgian Literature of Georgia
    State Museum of Folk Songs and Musical Instruments of Georgia
    Alexandre Chavchavadze museum in Tsinandali 

    ICLM – International Committee for Literary and Composers’ Museums
    ICLM's mission is to develop activities such as research, publishing, exhibitions and education for literary historical/biographical and composers' museums, to share and to disseminate the experience and knowledge gained in the development of these museums, to promote their cooperation and collaboration on the international level, to support their curators in exchanging exhibitions, in organizing seminars and workshops on various aspects of their activities.

    ICLM annual conference 2015 will cover broad spectrum of problems for discussion connected with the activities of literary and composers' museums today:

    • How literature and music influence the young generations and the role of literary and composers' museums in this process;
    • How literature and music bring harmony to our society in a broad cultural heritage context, and the role of literary and composers' museums in this process;
    • How literature and music protect our society from violence, and the tasks of literary and composers' museums in this message;
    • How literature and music meet in creation of world masterpieces, and the role of literary and composers' museums in its connection;
    • How literature and music develop creative abilities of different categories of population, and the experience accumulated by literary and composers' museums in this field.
    Besides that, there will be a round table discussion on the following issues:
    • A definition of a literary museum today;
    • what are the tasks of a literary museum today?
    • How is its evolution being influenced by modern world context?
    Within the conference programme there is planned post-conference tour in Kakheti region (East Georgia). 
    Contact  (Ms. Galina Alekseeva, ICLM President) (Tbilisi coordinator)

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