• 22-26 September, 2014

    LEADING PARTNER -  ICOM National Committee in Georgia


    ICAMT and ICOM Georgia are cooperating with the following organizations:

    - Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia 
    - Georgian National Museum 
    - Georgian National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation

    Since 1948 ICAMT has been welcome in many cities, and the conference has featured a variety kind of themes. This year ICAMT focuses on Site-museums built right on top of the history they are telling, the challenges of organizing, planning and building Site-Museums.

    As always, the general idea of the ICAMT conferences is to learn from experiences of museum projects, and feeding this back to fellow professionals in the museum field.  


    The Site-Museum preserves and interprets the remains of cultural history or natural history phenomena on a site where these have been preserved in situ or reconstructed. A Site-Museum also has, like any other museum, the functions of conservation, documentation, research and interpretation (Küsel).

    Site-Museums are built right on top of the story they are there to tell, on the place where the history is made, or where the items in the collection have been found.

    The term “Site-Museum”
    In 1982 ICOM defined the (archaeological) ‘site-museum’ as "a museum conceived and set up in order to protect natural or cultural property, movable and immovable, on its original site, that is, preserved at the place where such property has been created or discovered”.


    Traditionally, museums are focused on collection, conservation and exhibition. The role of site-museums is a bit different.

    - What is or could be the role of site-museums? 
    - What are the visitors’ needs and expectations from site-museums? 
    - Who will come, and how many? 
    - Why – site-museums? For whom should we build them? 
    - What kinds of services are available? 
    - How to respect the site? 
    - How can site-museums be creative and up-to-date and, at the same time, not to prevent the main attractions on the site? 
    - How to keep the site unique? 
    - How to make the site profitable? 
    - How to be sustainable? 
    - How to make architectural additions to sites of historical relevance? 
    - What determines the architecture of site-museums?

    More information at:

    T: (+995) 593 478 164 / 595 142 233

    Conference venue: Georgian National Museum Auditorium, Janashia Museum of Georgia
    (1, Purtseladze st., Tbilisi, Georgia)

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