• 7th Regional workshop "Inclusive programs in museums - INCLUSIVE museum"

  • On June 24-26 ICOM National Committee in Georgia in collaboration with ICOM National Committees of Azerbaijan and Armenia organized regional workshop on the topic “Inclusive programs in Museums – INCLUSIVE museum” at Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi. The workshop project was co-organized by Georgian National Museum and Tbilisi State Academy of Art.  
    The theme of the workshop was chosen based on the analysis of the South Caucasus region museums. Inclusiveness and exclusiveness in a broad meaning is essential and critical topic and sometimes misunderstood in most museums in the region that needed to be well understood and engaged. That’s why ICOM Georgia collaborated with national committees of Azerbaijan and Armenia and has developed 7th regional workshop project about INCLUSIVE museum. 
    The workshop learning was lead by Dr. Marie-Clarte O’Neill, professor of Ecole Du Louvre and CECA (ICOM International Committee on Museum Education and Cultural Action) expert. 
    The participants of the workshop were: education, exhibition and development managers, PR specialists and scientists from Georgian, Azerbaijani, Armenian museums and British universities. 
    The workshop sessions covered the following issues: Inclusiveness principles in museums, exclusive museums, inclusive museums and exhibitions, Inclusiveness principles applied to reality, CECA BP programe etc. 
    During the workshop participants were asked to present their museums examples of non-inclusiveness and inclusiveness, as well as there was created six working groups of the workshop participants and they had worked on the case studies - beforehand selected two exhibitions (Georgian Archaeology and Ethnography) in Georgian National  Museum – History Museum to develop presentations in terms of inclusiveness – physical, intellectual, social and cultural criteria.   
    After completing of the workshop once again it became obvious how needful and essential is to develop the similar learning series for the region museums and proved the meaningful potential of those museums to make them accessible and inclusive for all kind of audiences.      
    The workshop project was financed within the 2017 Support to the ICOM Network.  
    Workshop photo-album
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