Didi Liakhvi River Gorge State Museum-Reserve

  • Museum address: 7300, village Kurta, Tskinvali district
    Phone: (+995 590) 880 119
    E-mail: didiliakhvi@heritagesites.ge
    Web-site: www.heritagesites.ge
    Date of establishment: 1991
    Juridical status of the museum: since 2008 - unified the Legal Public Identity - National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia (Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia)
    Type (profile): history

    Museum collection description: Several medieval domed churches, basilicas and castles are also situated here. The most outstanding of them are as follows: Nikozi Cathedral Ensemble (V-XVI cc.), Eredvi St. George church (X c.), Kheiti Monastery (X c.), Kekhvi castle (Developed Middle Ages), Tiri monastery (XIII c.), Beloti castle and the residence (late Middle Ages), The cylindrical tower in the village Kemerti (Late Middle Ages), St. Nickolas church in the village Zemo Achabeti, Prince Machabeli old ancestral residence in the village Tamarasheni (X c.), Prince Machabeli New Palace in the in Village Kurta (X c.) Etc.

    The territory is occupied after the war in 2008.
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