Dimitri Kipiani House Museum

    Museum address: Village Kvishkheti, Khashuri
    Phone: (+995 368) 2 00 08, (+995 599) 56 75 32
    E-mail: samsonidze_dato@yahoo.com
    Date of establishment: 1990
    Juridical status of the museum: NNLS (Khashuri Museum Union)
    Type (profile): memorial
    Quantity of stored items: 805

    Museum collection description: The museum is situated in the former villa of famous Georgian public figure, publicist and holy person Dimitri Kipiani (1814 -1887). There are collections of exhibits belonging to Dimitri Kipiani: her works, memorial things, manuscripts, correspondences, photos etc.

    Working hours: Everyday, except Monday, 10.00 – 17.00
    Ticket price: Adults – 1 GEL, children and students – 0.50 GEL
    Free of charge: Children less than 6 years of age and homeless children, soldiers, employers of Georgian and Foreign Museums, ICOM members, I and II category disabled persons, refugees.

    Exhibitions: “Dimitri Kipiani – posterity”, “Exhibitions of Dimitri Kipiani memorial exhibits in schools”.
    Educational programmes: “Lessons about Dimitri Kipiani (in schools)”, “Annual Conference dedicated to Dimitri Kipiani birthday” (together with Tbilisi State University), educational programmes: “Kipians family”, “Dimitri Kipiani – businessman”.
    Publications: G. Gelashvili – “Love tune”, Sh. Darbuashvili – “Forgotten garden”, K. Gelashvili – “I have already come”.

    Total space of the museum: 157 m²
    Display space (museum): 143 m²
    Temporary exhibitions: 30 m²
    Storage space: 14 m²

    Annual quantity of visitors: 321
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