Kaspi Local Museum

  • Museum address: 88, Stalin str., 2600, Kaspi
    Phone: (+995 371) 2 24 14
    Date of establishment: 1960
    Juridical status of the museum: NNLS (Kaspi Municipality Museum Union)
    Type (profile): history
    Quantity of stored items: 19082

    Museum collection description: The museum houses archaeological collection created of materials, excavated in Kaspi, Rene, Metekhi, Teza expeditions, dated as Early and Middle Bronze Age, III-I Millennium B.C. objects from burial mound - characteristic for the Trialeti Culture ceramics, Late Bronze Age earthenware, XIV-XII c.c. B.C. details of cloth, horse harness, implements and weapons (XIII-VII c.c. B.C. Eastern Georgian axes, daggers, spearheads), accidentally found in the village Sasireti gilded silver discus (III c. B.C.), Hellenistic bronze sculpture of Dionisus (III-II c.c. B.C.) and three Oinohoia (I c. A.D.); medieval glazed earthenware. Branches: Jambakur-Orbeliani Palace (Village Lamiskana), Ivane Javakhishvili House Museum (Village Khovle), Omar Kelaptrishvili House Museum (Village Kavtiskhevi), General Mazniashvili House Museum (Village Sasireti).

    Working hours: Everyday, except Sunday and Monday, 10.00 – 17.00
    Ticket price: free

    Exhibitions: “Children’s exhibition”, “Exhibition dedicated to G. Shatberashvili jubilee”, “Kaspian artists three personal exhibitions”.
    Educational programmes: “Our past”, “Lesson in museum”, “Museum – storage of antiquity”.
    Publications: Museum guide

    Total space of the museum: 633 m²
    Display space: 66.5 m²
    Temporary exhibition: 200 m²
    Storage space: 108 m²

    Annual quantity of visitors: 600
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