Uplitsikhe Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve

    Museum address: 1423, village Kvakhvreli, Gori
    Phone: (+995 577) 80 27 26
    E-mail: uplistsikhe@heritagesites.ge
    Web-site: www.heritagesites.ge
    Date of establishment: 1988
    Judicial status of the museum: since 2008 - unified the Legal Public Entity - National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia (Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia)
    Type (profile): history
    Quantity of stored items: 3300

    Museum collection description: The museum include the rock streets and squares, see heathen temples, palaces, depressions used for several ritual purposes, richly adorned halls, bakeries, secret tunnel, etc. Besides, the remains of ancient three-nave basilica, early medieval “crown-prince” church erected over the basement of once heathen temple in the central neighborhood of Uplistsikhe, coupled with medieval houses and palaces make the site one of the most requested visiting points in Georgia. Several valuable artifacts excavated on the territory of the ancient settlement and its surroundings are exhibited in the museum, the most noteworthy of which are the unique samples of small plastics, embroidery, weaponry, agricultural tools and cult service goods.

    Working hours: Everyday, 10.00-19.00

    Ticket price: Adult - 7 GEL, schoolchildrens and students - 1 GEL. Guided tour - 25 GEL. Audio guided tour - 10 GEL.
    Free of charge: Children under 6 years of age and homeless children. Groups: Employees of Georgian and Foreign Museums, ICOM, ICOMOS members (with valid identification), People with disabilities, soldiers, refugees.

    Total space of the museum: 60 Ha
    Display space (museum): 66.5 m²
    Storage space: 88 m²

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