Dusheti Local Museum


    Address: 1800, Milakhvriantkari settlement, Dusheti
    Phone: (+995 595) 73 63 72
    E-mail: tea_patashuri@yahoo.com
    Museum Juridical status: NNLS (Dusheti Municipal Cultural Centre)
    Museum type (profile): history
    Date of establishment: 1949
    Quantity of stored items: 9484

    Museum collection description: The museum was established in 1949, it houses collections of archaeological items discovered by the expeditions and accidentally in Dusheti area (3000 items from Early Bronze Age up to late medieval times), ethnographic material, textile collection (kilims from East Georgia mountainous regions, folk clothes and accessories), glass and ceramic (including glazed ones) crockery, etc. Branches: Gudani Ethnography Museum (Village Korsha), Daniel Chonkadze House Museum.

    Working hours: everyday except Saturdy and sunday, 10.00 – 18.00
    Ticket price: Free


    Exhibitions: Ethnographical exhibition dedicated to fest “Dushetoba-Argvetoba”

    Total space of the museum: 409 m²
    Display space: 159 m²
    Storage space: 105 m²

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