Niko Berdzenishvili Chokhatauri Local Museum


    Address: 13, N. Dumbadze str., Chokhatauri
    Phone: (+995 419) 2 20 14, (+995 595) 11 78 70
    Date of establishment: 1958
    Judicial Status of the Museum: NNLS (Chokhatauri Museum Union)
    Type (profile): History
    Quantity of stored items: 16 500

    Museum collection description: The museum houses archaeological collections (VII-V c.c. B.C. Colchian axes, hoes, spearheads, materials of early antique period tomb: various beads, bracelets, earrings, crockery, implements), numismatic collections, as well as XVIII-XIX c.c. weapons (engraved with silver swards, daggers, rifles), XIX c. ethnographic collection (crockery and furniture, implements), manuscripts, musical instruments of the beginning of the XX c.: Georgian instruments: changi, panduri, salamuri and the XIX c., library (Georgian, Russian, French items, published in various periods of time)

    Working hours: Everyday except Monday, 10.00 – 18.00

    Ticket’s price: Free

    Exhibitions: “Archaeological materials from Museum”, “Local Architectural Monuments”, “Museum history”, “Weapons”

    Educational Programmes:”Museum friends”, “Ethnography in our paintings”, “Nodar Dumbadze – my school friend”

    Publications: “Past is our Future” (I-II parts)

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