Jurkha Nadiradze Sachkhere Local Museum

  • Museum address: 4002, Village Skhvitori, 4002, Sachkhere district
    Phone: (+995 591) 69 43 87
    Email: sachxerismuzeumi@gmail.com
    Date of establishment: 1978
    Judicial status of the museum: NNLS (Sachkhere Municipality)
    Type (profile): historical
    Quantity of stored items: 11840

    Museum collection description: The museum houses interesting materials discovered during the archaeological excavations in Sachkhere (Modinakhe, Tsartsisgora etc.): III millennium B.C. bronze axes, spearheads, pins, necklaces, stone plate with human image; everyday life and ethnography samples of the beginning of the XIX-XX c.c. ; Gospels and Apostle's printed in Sachkhere typography in 1825.

    Working hours: Everyday, except Monday, 10.00 – 17.00
    Ticket price: 1 GEL. Guided Tour - 5-15 GEL.
    Free of charge: Children under 6 years of age and homeless children. Groups: Employees of Georgian and Foreign Museums, ICOM, ICOMOS members (with valid identification), People with disabilities, soldiers, refugees.

    Educational programmes: “School and Museum”, “Let’s be aware about our region”, “Exponents and History”
    Publications: “Elisabed Tsereteli”, Museum booklet

    Total space of the museum: 258 m²
    Display space: 228 m²
    Temporary exhibitions: 10 m²
    Storage space: 14 m²

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