Kutaisi National Museum Military Glory

  • Museum address: 2, Mari Brose street, 6400, Kutaisi
    Phone: +995 431) 4 09 35, 5 21 88
    E-mail: aaip-muzeumi@mail.ru
    Date of establishment: 1975
    Judicial Status of the Museum: NNLS 
    Type (profile): history
    Quantity of stored items: 2153

    Museum collection description: The museum houses objects connected with Georgian military history (weapons and armaments), materials and documents of II World War’s (soldier’s photos, awards, correspondence etc.), aggressions in Abkhazeti (1991-1993) and South Osetia (Samachablo) in August 2008.

    Working hours: Everyday, except Sunday and Monday, 10.00 – 17.00
    Ticket price: free

    Exhibitions: “Russian aggression- 2008”, “Abkhazeti 1991-1993”,”Georgian State awards and military titles”
    Educational programmes: Museum guide (in process of publishing)

    Total space of the museum: 300 m²
    Display space: 250 m²
    Storage space: 8 m²

    Annual quantity of visitors: 3373

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