Money Museum

  • Address: 10, ShRustaveli str., Kvareli
    Phone: (+995 32) 2 296 604
    Date of establishment: 2001
    Judicial status of the museum: Governmental/National Bank of Georgia
    Type (profile): history
    Quantity of stored items: 2987

    Museum collection description: The museum is situated in the Georgian National Bank building. The museum houses materials describing the history of money from VI c. up to XX c.: Colchian tetri, antique coins, Sasanian drahmas, Arab dirhems, coins of Georgian kings and Queens Demetre I, Giorgi III, Tamar, etc., as well as Turkish, Iranian, Austrian, Polish and money of various countries; also there are special literature and multimedia publication of money (on CD).

    Working hours: everyday except Saturday and Sunday from 9 am till 6 pm (break from 13.00  till  14.00) 

    Ticket price: Free

    Educational programmes: For schoolchildren: “Travel in Money world”, “What the wealth says”, fro students: “Money in Georgia, Past – present”, “Money and taxation systems in Georgia, National bank – functions and responsibilities”, for individual guests: “Short tour in Money museum”, for foreign guests: “Georgia through the coins”, for historians: “Georgian numismatic and its researchers”.

    Publications: Album “Money in Georgia”, Georgian and English languages (2000). Album “Money in Georgia” (the second edition, 2003), album “Paper-money in Georgian” (2007.

    Total space of the museum: 275,88 m²

    Display space: 275,88 m²

    Annual quantity of visitors: 2200

    Museum building’s status: Immovable monument of Cultural Heritage (The order # 3/181, 2007 of Minister of Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia) 

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