Aleksandre Chavchavadze House Museum in Tsinandali

  • Museum address: 2217, village Tsinandali, Telavi district
    Phone: (+995 570) 70 34 89; (+995 570) 70 12 12
    Date of establishment: 1946
    Judicial Status of the Museum: private (under a lease of 49 years, Silk Road Group)
    Type (profile): memory
    Quantity of stored items: 19 628

    Museum collection description: The museum is located in the palace of the well-known Georgian poet, where one can see objects representing both the poet's life and creative work, and his époque: epistolary and iconography archive, XIX c. editions on various subjects in French, German, English, Polish, Armenian languages, XVIII c. manuscripts, works of photographer Ermakov, samples of painting and lithography, XVII-XIX c.c. Georgian, Russian, French furniture, other household objects, crockery (Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Georgian, Russian), musical instruments; Alexsander Chavchavadze in1830 laid out a decorative park which at the moment occupies 18 hectare land. There are different plants – medical, technical, etc. as well as exotic ones from China, Japan, Mediterranean, America, etc. In 1835 there was built one of the first in Georgia wine cellar, where are kept unique collection of wine from many countries (16 500 bottles).

    Working hours: Everyday 10.00- 19.00, in winter 10.00-18.00
    Ticket price: Adult -5GEL, students – 4 GEL, schoolchildren - 3 GEL
    Free of charge: Children less than 6 years of age and homeless children, employees of Museums, ICOM members, People with disabilities, soldiers, refugees.

    Exhibitions: “Salvador Dali exhibition”, E. Akhvlediani exhibition, Sergo Kobuladze exhibition, Levan Mekhuzla exhibition, exhibition of Zaal Sulakauri artist’s schools.
    Educational Programmes: “We are learning in Museum“, Museum’s Educational Center’s programmes.
    Publications: Museum’s booklet, Translations of Goethe’s poetries, “French poetry”, Alexandre Chavchavadze’s translation.

    Total space of the museum: 700 m²
    Display space: 513 m²
    Temporary exhibitions: 70 m²
    Storage space: 33 m²
    Museum’s market: 34 m²
    Museum’s cafe: 50 m²

    Movable monument of Cultural Heritage: 126 exhibits
    Museum building’s status: Immovable monument of Cultural Heritage (The order # 3/63, 2006 of Minister of Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia)

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