Tkhilvana Ethnographical Museum

  • Address: 6500, Village Tkhilvana, Khulo Municipality
    Phone: (+995 577) 15 74 97
    Date of establishment: 2001
    Judicial Status of the Museum: NNLS (Khulo Municipality)
    Type (profile): Historical
    Quantity of stored items: 385

    Museum collection description: The museum collections cover archaeological materials, numismatic, different things of Adjarian life and ethnography, clothes, accessories, weapons, geology collection, paintings (G. Artmeladze, D. Inaishvili, A. Rogolevich etc.) and craft works of local artists, different documental materials and photos of Batumi and Ajarian views (XIX c.).

    Working hours: Everyday, 10.00 – 18.00
    Ticket price: Free

    Total space of the organization: 192 m²
    Permanent exhibition: 109 m²
    Temporary exhibition: 40 m²
    Storage space: 35m²

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