The Kviakhidzeebi Museum

  • Address: Village Kviakhidzeebi, Shuakhevi Municipality
    Phone: (+995 558) 58 81 29
    Judicial Status of the Museum: NNLS (Shuakhevi Municipality centre of Culture)
    Date of establishment: 1998
    Type (profile): History
    Quantity of stored items: 1215

    Museum collection description: The museum houses ethnographical material of 19th century, in particular, family dishes made by clay and copper, loom, workmanship tools, weapons, numismatics, and heraldic samples since 1870 up to day. As well as there are housed paintings, embroidery, documental material connected to the history of village Kviakhidzeebi and Mareti gorge dated 1900s until the 1980s of 20th century.

    Working hours: Everyday, 10.00 – 19.00

    Ticket price: free

    Exhibitions: “Numismatic material housed in the museum” (exhibition in the village’s school)

    Educational Programmes: “Cultural tourism and museum”

    Total space of the organization: 120 m²

    Display space: 100 m²

    Storage space: 20 m²

    Annual quantity of visitors: 5060

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