Machakhela Historical-Ethnographical Museum

  • Address: Khelvachauri, village Zeda Chkutuneti
    Phone: (+995 593) 754 600
    Date of establishment: 1984
    Judicial Status of the Museum: NNLS (Khelvachauri Municipality centre of Culture)
    Type (profile): History
    Quantity of stored items: 774

    Museum collection description: The collections of the museum (former mosque) cover the history of village Akhasheni. There are: archaeological materials, numismatic, different things of Adjarian life and ethnography, paintings and craft works of local artists, different documental materials and photos.

    Working hours: Everyday, 10.00 – 18.00

    Ticket price: free

    Exhibitions: Periodical exhibitions of museum collections in schools and in other cultural institutions

    Educational Programmes: “Let’s be aware about our village’s history”, “Teachers- guides” and “The lesson in museum”

    Total space of the organization: 342 m²

    Display space: 277m²

    Storage space: 16 m²

    Annual quantity of visitors: 1980

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