Chkhorotsku Historical Museum


    Museum address: 2, D. Agmashenebeli str., 5000 Chkhorotsku
    Phone: (+995 591) 05 38 32
    Date of establishment: 1978
    Judicial status of museum: NNLS (Chkhorotsku Municipality)
    Type (profile): History museum
    Quantity of stored items: 28 465

    Museum collection description: The museum houses collections of archaeological items discovered by the expeditions and accidentally, chronological frames include Paleolithic, Neolithic (stone axes, etc.), Early, Middle and Late Bronze (Cholchian axes, spearheads, segments of implements, bronze bars, earthenware, IX-VI c.c. B.C. cornelian, pasta, agate, jasper, jet, glass necklaces, the same period burial urns) time periods. Numismatic collection includes Georgian, Roman, Byzantine, Turkish, Russian coins, assignats. Among late feudal period objects are XV-XVI c.c. ecclesiastic books, seals, manuscripts, icons, ornamental details of church decorations.


    Working hours: Everyday, 10.00 – 17.00
    Ticket price: Adult -1 GEL, students and schoolchildren 0.5 GEL

    Free of charge: Children less than 6 years of age and homeless children, employees of Museums, ICOM members, People with disabilities, soldiers, refugees.


    Exhibitions: “Portait”, “Speleological materials from Museum”
    Educational Programmes: Museum’s Speleological section’s programmes (together with Speleological Centre of France and Georgian Speleological Club)
    Publications: “History of Chkhorotsku“

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