Nikoloz Baratashvili Memorial House Museum

  • Address: 17, Chakhrukhadze street, 160, Tbilisi
    Phone: (+995 32) 2 99 06 99
    Date of establishment: 1982
    Judicial status of the museum: Municipal/Municipality of Tbilisi
    Type (profile): Literature-Memory
    Quantity of stored items: 2124

    Museum collection description: The museum - former apartment of the famous Georgian poet Nikoloz Baratashvili (1817-1845) houses materials of poet’s life and work: These are: photos, graphical works and paintings, household devices of the 19th century. The exhibited things enable us to restore the environment of the 19th century. The viewer is able to get in the known of the charm and particularity of the 19th century Tbilisi.

    Working hours: Everyday, except Saturday and Sunday, 11.00 – 16.00
    Ticket price: 

    Expositions: permanent exposition dedicated to poet and
    Educational programmes: In general educational programmes are dedicated to poet and also there are arranged various events: musical and literary evenings, meeting in the frame of “Dialogue between Culture”, will plane to open of “Sunday school” for orphan and homeless children.
    Publications: In museum are kept booklets of museum

    Total space of the museum: 414 m²
    Display space: 145 m²
    Storage: 9 m²

    Museum building’s status: Immovable monument of Cultural Heritage (The order # 3/181, 2007 of Minister of Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia)

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