Dolls Museum

  • Address: 17a, Shavteli str., 0105, Tbilisi
    Phone: (+995 032) 2 99 53 37
    Date of establishment: 1937
    Judicial status of the museum: NNLS Municipal/Municipality of Tbilisi
    Type (profile): Art
    Quantity of stored items: 9000

    Museum collection description: The Museum houses unique collection of different dolls. Among them are: dancers of Flamenco, Indian captain and kimonoed Japanese ladies, personages of Georgian tales and literature works, dancer girls, the girl with soap-bubble etc. In 1990-ies the museum was robbed and there lost several unique exhibits. After that the museum wasn’t open for visitors until 2008 when by initiative of Tbilisi Municipality had been made rehabilitation works in Museum.

    Working hours: everyday except Monday, 11.00 – 17.00
    Ticket price: Adults- 3 GL, children – 1 GL

    Expositions: Different periodical exhibitions: children’s exhibition (2007), exhibition of butterfly collection (2008) etc.
    Educational programmes: “Art-therapy cabinet” and painting course for children.
    Publications: Booklet of museum

    Total space of the museum: 1640 m²
    Display space: 140 m²
    Temporary exhibitions: 150 m²
    Storage space: 16 m²
    Children’s Art studio: 48 m²
    Museum market: 10 m²

    Annual quantity of visitors: 15 672

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